// Antioch 05.08 // Rome 10.08 // Athens 12.08 // New York City 12.08// Helsinki 03.09 // Zagreb 05.09 // Heidelberg 06.09 // London 06.09// California: a dozen universities 09.09-12.09  // across Europe: hundreds of universities 11.09-12.09 // … //

Seemingly discrete struggles over the conditions of university life have erupted around the world within the past year. These struggles share certain commonalities: outrage over precarious and exploitative conditions, the occupation of university spaces, and goals of reclaiming education from state and corporate interests.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that recent struggles over the university are not merely discrete events. They express a wider collective desire for direct control over the means of production and forms of life; a desire to create relationships of learning, collaboration, and innovation beyond the university’s attempts to quantify and discipline them...

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